Our main product is the series of Milk Thistle Extract/Silymarin, which is our Brand product。Because we improve the quality of our products continually, so we have been recognized and favored by more and more customers. The annual export volume has surged to more than 300 tons in 2011 from around 200 tons in 2010, the Milk Thistle Extract produced here make up 60 percent of the national Silymarin export.


Milk Thistle Extract/Silymarin with the “Han Run” Brand is reassuring, and has been a growing number of customers.


Silymarin extracted by Ethanol, the total flavonoids of which is as higher as more than 50% HPLC, now, this specification is unique in this area.


Silymarin extracted by Ethyl Acetate, the total flavonoids of which is as higher as more than 60% HPLC.


Silymarin extracted by Acetone, can be produced according to different customers’ different requirements.


Silymarin Soluble has good water solubility with specifications dversity.


Silybin with advanced production technology, the content of which is as higher as more than 90% HPLC.


The Solvents Residue and microbiological indicator of all above products according to customer requirements to meet the export standards.


The Medical Ethanol, 75% Ethanol, Saponated Cresol Solution, Fragrant Saponated Cresol Solution, Hydrogen Dioxide Solution, etc., which have the brand of “Han Run”, are featured by reliable quality, timely supply, best service. So they are popular with customers, the sales regions and sales volume will continue to expand.